Here at Burnt Mill we are forever striving to maintain our exacting standards of quality all the way from our raw materials selection through to the fill levels of our finished packed beer. 

In the early days we set our standards high on cleanliness, hygiene and the care that we took to produce the best quality wort to create our finished beers. As the brewery and its team have grown and expanded we still maintain these processes today. Over the years we have experimented with the water chemistry, yeast and all the different options for dry hopping our beers to find the sweet spot, and this still continues as beer is a forever changing product. 

We are proud that all our beers are vegan friendly, whether they are New England, Stout or West Coast. If we do need to add anything to the beer such as our cocoa porter we use cocoa husks and do not use lactose based products to achieve the chocolate flavour.

If we want to achieve a bright beer such as a West Coast we only use vegan friendly pea based finings.

Gluten Free beer categorisation in the UK is below 20ppm. If we state that our beer is gluten free we use an enzyme to break the gluten down and test in house to 5ppm to provide the customer with absolute reassurance our beer is safe to drink. 

We have many West Coast gluten free beers and the methods we use to make our beer bright naturally turns our beers gluten free. To achieve a gluten free New England style is a little trickier but we have been experimenting and have managed to make a few, for those that crave a hazy beer.

The cellaring process of our beers follows the same exacting standards as we spend the time to make sure the beers are stable and free from off flavours before we pack. This means that our beers are never rushed, so you can be assured that the beers when packaged are stable and will last very well with cold storage. 

Thank you for supporting us and enjoying our beers.

Cheers, Team Burnt Mill

Burnt Mill Team